organization of students' leisure

Many students from different countries of the world study in Ukraine. And every year, the number of visiting students only increases. In our country, there are educational institutions of various types: universities, academies, institutes, conservatories, technical schools. For students from another country, almost the same learning conditions are provided as for the Ukrainians. They have at their disposal such levels of higher education as bachelor’s (or junior bachelor’s), master’s, doctor of philosophy, doctor of science.

We also create favorable conditions for studying, living, and resting foreign citizens, which contributes to their quick adaptation to living in Ukraine and studying at the university:

  • The services that we provide to foreign students include the organization of leisure and health improvement of foreign citizens. Universities have open areas for sports, a variety of sports sections. 
  • For creatively active children, we offer the organization of excursions and travels across the territory of Ukraine (Carpathians, Odesa and the Black Sea coast, excursions to Western Ukraine, etc.).
  • For foreign students, we regularly organize leisure travel, we offer kayaking, jet skis, ATVs, as well as organize excursions around the city so that in the future students can spend their free time and visit museums, cinemas, sports, and cultural events, walk around the city with friends or alone.

To avoid embarrassing situations, it would be appropriate to get acquainted with the cultural characteristics of behavior in the city you live in, and how to attitude with people of different age groups.

Rest and get new experience, and we will take care of all organizational issues so that it would be comfortable and interesting for you to be in the territory of an unfamiliar country.